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Since 1990, in our Studios, we have specialized in CD and VINYL Audio Mastering working with Independent Musicians, Producers, Labels and Music magazines. Our Mission is the Respect of your music, and the best result obtained using top analog and digital technologies. Now we can create the Mastering or/and the Mixing of your productions also on line:

Newmastering Studio High-End Audio Mastering

In '85 i've had the honor to know Bob Ludwig, he was for me an illumination, and he said:
"A mastering engineer’s gear is like the artists palette, but great ears, experience, and technical abilities, set good mastering engineer apart from the pack".
Maurizio Giannotti
Here are some processing phases for CD and VINYL mastering:
  •  Audio transfer to the workstation
  •  Analog and digital compression
  •  Analog and digital equalization and harmonic enhancement
  •  Stereo image control and correction
  •  Limiting
  •  Dithering - Apogee UV22HR
  •  Editing and track assembly
  •  Pause adjustment and any cross-fades
  •  PQ encoding, addition of any ISRC, EAN/UPC codes
  •  Master CD or DDP burn and listening test
Delivery in 48 hours!!!

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