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Thanks to over 15 years of experience and our top equipment we can simply and quickly offer this innovative and professional Mastering Audio service on line.Your production will be mastered to provide top notch results attentive to your music genre.

Some processing phases:
  •  Audio transfer to the workstation
  •  Analog and digital compression
  •  Analog and digital equalization and harmonic enhancement
  •  Stereo image control and correction
  •  Limiting
  •  Dithering - Apogee UV22HR
  •  Editing and track assembly with pause adjustment and, if requested, cross-fades
  •  PQ encoding, addition of any ISRC, EAN/UPC codes
  •  Master CD or DDP burn and check writing, reading error disc with software PLEXTOOLS
  •  Listening test

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Files preparation is a very important phase to obtain the best result in mastering process. Please don't apply any kind of compressor, limiter (Waves L1, L2 or similar) or equalizer to the master channel in the mix out!!!

Waveform and meters testing

The output level should be about -3, -6 db on your peak meters in the DAW mixer window. This headroom is precious for us to obtain the best from our top-end analog processors. We accept the following files format: WAV, AIF, SDII, 16 or 24 bit, from 44.100 to 192 Khz, MP3. For any doubt about file preparation Contact us before proceed to upload on our FTP server.

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In addition to Mastering service we can also Mix your recordings using our experience and the same highly professional equipment found in our Studio. The Mixing process is the same as the Mastering one. You can send us your files or personally assist work at a really low price. Another advantage of Mixing at our studio is that your production is optimized to achieve the best results in the subsequent Mastering phase.

We can mix PROTOOLS Session, LOGIC projects, and any kind of DAW system (Cubase, Nuendo, etc.) Feel free to Contact us for any information and estimate.


We provide the following services in addition to Mastering and Mixing:

  •  SPEAKING (Italian)

Please Contact us for any services not described in our website.
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